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UF Foundation: Common Types of Gifts

  • Endowed Gifts

    Endowed gifts require a minimum gift of $30,000 and can be used in conjunction with the state matching program in order to meet the minimum.  Such gifts are crucial to the College of Engineering, as they provide departments and institutes financial support to attract and maintain elite faculty and students.  While each endowed gift is different, some common uses include funding for Leadership Chairs, facilities, the Engineering Leadership and Innovation Institute, graduate fellowships, lecture series, endowed professorships, research endowments and faculty support.
  • Non-Endowed Gifts

    Cash and securities are the most common non-endowed gifts. These types of gifts can be made to fund countless items, including specific programs, scholarships, faculty support, libraries, equipment or overall support of the College.
  • Planned Gifts

    Planned giving refers to a variety of charitable arrangements whereby an individual commits a future contribution to the University of Florida while deriving certain present benefits from the gift.  Visit UF’s Planned Giving website to learn more about the ways you can give a planned gift.
  • Annual Gifts

    Annual gifts are recurring gifts from alumni, parents, staff and many other sectors to financially support the University of Florida and its colleges/units, this effort is known as The Florida Fund.  Yearly support is crucial to ensure the future success of the University as well as the College of Engineering.  There are several programs available for funding through the Florida Fund, including contributions to the University’s capital campaign, called Florida Tomorrow. For more information on The Florida Fund, please visit their website.
  • Online Gifts

    Gifts to the College are imperative during these times of economic instability, as they ensure that students and faculty receive the necessary tools and resources to maintain Gator Engineering's premier status.

    Please note that online gifts are completed and maintained through the University of Florida Foundation, Inc.

    Donors now have the option to set-up recurring charges which can occur monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually.  To enroll, you can visit the online giving website or mail in a completed form. There is a minimum charge of $10. A pre-notification email will be sent seven days prior to the date of each recurring transaction.

    CLICK HERE for a complete list of all College of Engineering departments and funds that currently are accepting online donations.

    Below is a list of ESSIE departments and funds that currently are accepting online donations.


Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering


Department of Environmental Engineering

  • Corporate Matching Gifts

    Find out your company’s charitable gift policy with UF, by visiting the Foundation’s Corporate Matching website.  A matching gift from your employer can double or triple your contribution, so request a matching gift form from your corporation and return it signed and completed with your contribution.


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