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Bench Top Ovens

Within the lab, there are several ovens for driving water from material samples (Quincy Labs bench top oven and Despatch oven with a high temperature of 400° F).  


Concrete Mixers

The lab is equipped with a Red Lion RXL-3 concrete mixer. This mixer has a 1/3 hp motor and a 3 cu. ft. capacity. If a larger capacity mixer is required, the lab is equipped with a Stone Champion concrete mixer with a 9 cu. ft. capacity.  


The Weil Hall Structures lab is equipped with two Gilson TS-1 testing screen sieves, each accommodating six screens and one pan. The structures lab and neighboring geotechnical lab have several Ro-Tap RX-29 sieve shakers that will accommodate up to seven 8" circular sieves and one pan.  

Handling Equipment

The lab is equipped with several dollies and hand trucks to move small amounts of materials as well as a Nissan Enduro Forklift with a 4750lb capacity and 13ft maximum lift height. Also, available is a Tinius Olsen crane with a capacity of 5 tons.  

Concrete Cylinder Grinder

Before concrete cylinders can be tested for strength properties using the Gilson Concrete Compression Machine (animation) the ends of the cylinders should be ground flat; this is done using a DIAMend concrete cylinder end grinding machine.


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