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  • Bench Top Ovens and Moisture Analyzers

    Ovens and moisture analyzers are used for a variety of research projects in order to preheat and measure moisture content of specimens. In order to accommodate this there is a variety of heating equipment available for use in the lab. Currently there is an Imperial V Laboratory Oven, Excalibur Food Dehydrator, and a Denver Instrument IR35 available for a variety of research projects.

  • Handling Equipment

    Various research projects require transporting heavy objects from storage to the testing platform. In order to accommodate the lab is equipped with the following equipment:

    • Two 25 Ton Demag Overhead Cranes
    • 159in Lift Caterpillar GP25 4650lb Forklift
    • 35ft Lift Extended Boom 644 Lull Highlander II Forklift
    • 2 Ton Portable Strad-I-Load Aluminum Gantry Crane
    • 26 foot JLG Scissor Lift
    • Hand Trucks, Dollies, and Pallet Jacks.

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