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Machine Fabrication Shop
 Steel Geotechnical Testing Chamber

Machine Fabrication Shop
 Soil Box
Steel Geotechnical Testing Chamber

With a volume of 1,600 cubic feet this is the largest testing chamber to date. Vertical geostatic pressure is simulated using pneumatic lift bags and monitored using a variety of in situ soil pressure cells.

  • 20 feet long, 10 feet wide, 8 feet tall
  • Designed for wall deflection less than 3/32 of an inch at geostatic earth pressure of 118 pounds per square inch (150 feet of overburden)
  • Designed to eliminate boundary effects when testing dual pipes up to 36 inches in diameter
  • Observation portals located along the length of the testing chamber allow for monitoring of the pipe’s diameter during loading
  • Laser instrumentation allows real-time measurement of pipe deflection during loading

Machine Fabrication Shop
 Axial load test conducted in test chamber.

Machine Fabrication Shop
 Excavation of group test shafts from test chamber.
Deep Foundations Test Chamber

This testing system was installed at the Laboratory in 2006 as part of an effort to develop more cost effective deep foundation construction and installation methods. This unique system not only allows researchers to control soil conditions, but allows for the installation of instrumentation as the chamber is being filled prior to testing. Additionally the chamber provides the stability to safely perform excavations after testing foundations so that they can be inspected.

  • 12 foot diameter steel chamber
  • Maximum depth 35 feet
  • 2 four foot diameter 40 foot long reaction shafts each capable of providing 300 kips* of reaction force
  • Complete reaction system consisting of beam and connections rated to 600 kips

* 1kip = 1000 pounds-force

Machine Fabrication Shop
 42-inch diameter side and tip grouted drilled
 shaft in test chamber.

Wave tank
 Wave tank
Wave Tank

The laboratory wave tank was first built in 1958 and is still in use today. The 6 foot wide by 4 foot tall paddle is actuated by two servo controlled hydraulic cylinders. The servo valve input signal is generated using LabVIEW software and interfaced with servo controller using a NI-6211 DAQ.

  • 160 feet Long
  • 6 feet wide
  • 42 inch maximum water depth
  • Maximum wave height 1 foot (frequency dependent)

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