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17-foot Skiff
 17-foot Skiff

Mounted ADCP and CT
 Mounted ADCP and CT

Sea spider
 Sea spider

The Laboratory has a long history of involvement with coastal field work and is currently equipped to perform the deployment and recovery instrumentation. The following equipment is available to aid in conducting research in the field:

  • 17 foot skiff with a 90 horsepower outboard
  • 14 foot skiff with a 40 horsepower outboard
  • SCUBA equipment
  • A wide variety of instrument mounts
Instrumented tripod deployment
 Instrumented tripod deployment

Combined lateral and torsional loading of side and tip grouted pile
 Combined lateral and torsional loading of side
 and tip grouted pile

Axial load testing
 Axial load testing

Lateral load testing of drilled shaft and side-grouted pile
 Lateral load testing of drilled shaft
 and side-grouted pile

Recently the laboratory has been heavily involved in the development, construction, and testing of full scale grouted deep foundations which require extensive field operations including:

  • Pressurized water jetting of precast piles
  • Side and tip grouting of precast piles and drilled shafts
  • Combined lateral and torsional load testing
  • Lateral load testing
  • Axial load testing
Jetting installation of precast pile
 Jetting installation of precast pile

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