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Coastal & Oceanographic Engineering Laboratory (COEL)COEL High Bay Area The Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering Laboratory is located one mile from the University's main campus and is part of the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering. The facility consists of 40,000 square feet of high bay laboratory space and several offices and storage rooms. The facility is unique in being able to accommodate projects that require large amounts of space while still being conveniently located near the main campus. For more detailed information about the laboratory and its capabilities, or to contact the lab manager to schedule a meeting, please use the links below.


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For information about the Coastal & Oceanographic Engineering Laboratory, please contact:


detailsValle-Levinson, Arnoldo,  Ph.D., University Term Professor | Telephone: (352) 294-7765 | Email: arnoldo@coastal.ufl.edu#  VIVO Online Profile



detailsBooze, Richard, Machinist | Telephone: (352) 294-7250 | Email: richard.booze@essie.ufl.edu#


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