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The broad undergraduate environmental engineering curriculum of EES has earned the department a ranking as a leading undergraduate program. The ABET accredited engineering bachelor's degree is comprehensively based on physical, chemical, and biological principles to solve environmental problems affecting air, land, and water resources. An advising scheme including select faculty, led by the undergraduate coordinator, guides each student through the program.

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    detailsKoopman, Ben,  Ph.D., Professor | Telephone: (352) 392-7104 | Email: bkoop@ufl.edu#  VIVO Online Profile



    detailsJackson, Barbi, Program Assistant | Telephone: (352) 392-8450 | Email: barbi.jackson@essie.ufl.edu#  VIVO Online Profile


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EES offers graduate study in seven areas: Air Resources, Biogeochemical Systems, Ecological Systems, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Water Resources, Water Supply and Wastewater Systems, and Environmental Nanotechnology. Students graduated from the program will demonstrate depth in individual focus areas as well as breadth of core knowledge concepts in all areas.

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